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Jun 14 2016

The Make, Take and Teach Fair–Better Than Crunchy Cinnamon Crisps


Make, Take & Teach4

Teachers at Locally Available STEM workshop at CCAS.

The best part about going to Hive Chicago Learning Network (Hive) meetups, besides the crunchy cinnamon crisps from Panera, is getting to hear about all the interesting, engaging, and often life changing projects organizations are working on to improve learning experiences for Chicago’s youth.  There is always an amazing array of projects being discussed and it’s exciting to hear about something and immediately be able to make connections with someone else’s work. It’s even more exciting when educators are empowered to transform a conversation into a new relationship that evolves into a collaborative project.


Make, Take & Teach2

Teachers at Locally Available STEM workshop at CCAS.

Although the Network is mainly comprised of out of school time educators, we’ve had a lot of conversations about how to best invite classroom teachers to participate in the Hive.  As we seek to transform the learning landscape in Chicago, we know teachers are essential. We’ve tried different approaches, with some models working better than others.


The latest project, The Make, Take, Teach Fair might appear to be a one-off event, but it’s more than that.


On August 22, 2016, the Center for College Access and Success at Northeastern Illinois University, in partnership with Digital Youth Network, and with funding from the Hive Chicago Fund for Connected Learning at The Chicago Community Trust, will host a teacher-facing maker fair.  The first of its kind –The Make, Take and Teach Fair will be a space where teachers and participating organizations will have the opportunity to engage in conversations about innovative projects, curricula, and teaching strategies that will transform into new relationships and collaborative projects between the Hive Chicago Learning Network, organizations and teachers.

Make, Take & Teach6

Teachers at Locally Available STEM workshop at CCAS.

Organizations committed to hosting a maker-station at the Make, Take and Teach Fair will have a working meeting at the unmeetup, Thursday, June 16th, at the Center for College Access and Success from 9am-12pm.  Please rsvp.  We’ll talk through basic logistics for the event, work on lesson plans for your maker activities, and create a survey for teachers about tech needs and other support needed to incorporate more Connected Learning in their classrooms.


As fellow educators, we are also busy working on teacher recruitment for the event.  We want to build a community in the Hive where teachers and students can participate in the kinds of conversations that lead to teacher and youth driven changes to the Chicago’s learning ecosystem.  Please nominate any teachers you’ve worked with who practice Connected Learning so that we can acknowledge their work, welcome them into the Hive Chicago Learning Network and invite them to the Make, Take and Teach Fair.




  • Put the Make, Take and Teach Fair on your calendar: August 22, 2016. Doors open to the public from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm at Northeastern Illinois University’s Center for College Access and Success.  
  • Nominate phenomenal teachers to be part of the Hive Chicago Learning Network.  
  • Come to the unmeetup on Thursday, June 16, to develop your activity, create lesson plans, and make the teacher needs survey.  We’ll have staff on hand to assist in your planning process, if co-planning would benefit you.  Bring your past making activities, new ideas and collaborative spirit.  
  • The crunchy cinnamon crisps are on the Hive.

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