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Yollocalli Badge Guidebook

Exploring Youth Driven Badges

This guidebook is insight for organizations interested in creating a meaningful method for documenting youth achievements and using badges as the approach. Described is a summary of what steps and encounters other organizations may also experience as they learn more about badges and develop a badge system for their youth. In 2013, Yollocalli staff learned to recognize badges as a way to document youth achievements and became interested in creating badges for their youth. Yollocalli Arts Reach developed a proposal for Hive Chicago to document and talk about an art program’s journey into developing badges for youth who participate in the program. What Yollocalli staff learned is that the process would be challenging and it would take a lot of staff time, commitment, and collaboration with other organizations andpeers to develop a badge system that would be unique and meaningful.


Lead Organization:
Yollocalli Arts Reach, of the National Museum of Mexican Art

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
The goals of the Badge Project were to 1) create a set of badges to be tested in current programs at Yollocalli, 2) through evaluations, compare non-badge programs to the badged program to gauge effectiveness of the system; and 3) create another form of evaluation to survey youth and teaching artists of badged program to further understand if badges were beneficial; 4) create a badge guidebook that will reflect the process and reflection on the creation of Yollocalli’s badge system.

Project Tags:
Legacy Projects

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