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Social Media Working Group

Integrating social media strategies in learning settings.

In August of 2013 a Social Media Working Group was formed with representatives from three Chicago informal learning organizations: Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium and Yollocalli Arts Reach. The purpose of this group was to explore how intentional use of social media can redefine, extend and document learning. The group has come to this work as three organizations demonstrating Hive principles connective, evaluative and integrative, each wanting to understand the dynamics of online social networks and ready to experiment with social media tools in learning experiences.

Lead Organization:
Adler Planetarium

Partner Organizations:
Shedd Aquairum , Yollocalli Arts Reach

Project Goal:
To create the Social Media Working Group toolkit to provide practitioners a guide on how to better integrate social media strategies in learning settings.

Project Tags:
Legacy Projects

Project Portfolio

  • teaching resources

    Social Media for Learning - Toolkit

    The kit includes current social media trends, best practices, integration strategies, learning metrics and case studies of use. This document is not formatted as a ‘plug and chug’ resource, but more of a set of options and recommendations one can use when designing and developing learning communities and programming.

  • documentation

    Social Media Case Studies

    The Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium and Yollocalli Arts Reach examined their programs for usage of social media.

  • tools

    Social Media Google Drive

    This project lives on this public Google Drive. Please visit for more information and full documentation