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Science Digests

STEM Professionals Careers and Engagement

Science Digests is an ongoing series of informal and engaging gatherings that give students a chance to meet STEM Professionals from a board range of STEM disciplines and occupations, learning not only about what they do, but how they learned to do it. In addition to leading an activity demonstrating the principles and practices of their discipline, STEM Professionals share the story of how they found their way into the field, including the challenges they faced and how they overcame those challenges. This informal, yet significant program encourages students to “try on” different STEM disciplines and evaluate their interest. Topics have included forensic science, engineering, medical science, archaeology, paleontology, and marine science.

This Science Digests series will feature the following organizations and institutions:

Juanita Garcia – BIM for Better (green building/ urban planning)

Scientists for Tomorrow

Northern Illinois University (NIU)

Lincoln Park Zoo


Museum of Science and Industry

Lead Organization:
Project Exploration

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
The goal of Science Digests is to provide an engaging and interactive experience for students to learn about various STEM disciplines and careers. This partnership will support PE’s mission of providing young people the opportunity to experience unique, hands-on STEM programming with STEM Professionals. The partnership will also support CYC’s mission of empowering youth to recognize and experience career possibilities so that they are prepared for lifelong success. The overall goal for the project is to provide 100 youth and families access to free STEM educational opportunities in under-served neighborhoods. These STEM learning opportunities will result in increased understanding of scientific/STEM inquiry and increased confidence and awareness of STEM careers.

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