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Re:Imagine Pathway Project

The Re:Imagine Pathways Project will pilot a model for embedding a large-scale, youth-driven event into a HIVE learning pathway structure to understand ways to leverage youth interest to propel them to other learning opportunities around the city.

The Re:Imagine Pathways Project will both develop and pilot a model for building a pathway structure into/around a one-time, large-scale, youth-driven event. We will do this in 2 ways: through data mining and application design and through a piloted partnership between the Art Institute of Chicago and Yollocalli Arts Reach during Re:Imagine 2016. These connected components allow us to investigate the effectiveness of pathways for teens who are and are not offered spots to participate in Re:Imagine 2016, and to understand how pathway take-up changes based on variables such as online vs. in-person communication, the presence of trusted adults to broker opportunities, program structure, teen motivation, and location. Ultimately, the Re:Imagine Pathways Project will allow us to leverage the large interest in the Re:Imagine competition to better understand what compels teens to apply, what particular interests applicants bring to the competition, and how we (as a network) can help shape that creativity and direct it to other connected programs and opportunities around the city.

Lead Organization:
Art Institute of Chicago

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
In fall and winter 2015, we will design a new application process, using the 2014-15 Re:Imagine baseline data and lessons learned, and alignning with the work of the On Ramps/Ultimate Hub Moonshot groups. The application will incorporate data around motivations and entry points for teen applicants and will gather information on the self-identified interests that propel teens to apply to the competition. We aim for this application to be offered as a template for other HIVE organizations, especially those that align in content with competition themes, so that pathways between the competition and other organization’s programs could be tracked. In fall 15-early April 16, we will partner with Yollocalli Arts Reach to pilot a pathway partnership around Re:Imagine. Yollo and AIC staff and teen council members will work together to design a challenge for Re:Imagine that feeds back to the partner organization and that also find ways to link their (and possibly other) organization’s art/design programs and events with the competition. This challenge will be offered (in addition to 3-4 others led by AIC) to 20-25 teens during Re:Imagine in March 2016.

Project Tags:
2015 Round 2 RFP, Think Tank, Ultimate Onramps

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