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PROjectUS: Creative Arts Suites

Next Level, Next Up

PROjectUS is an initiative for young adults between the ages of 13 – 23 designed to build fashion design, music production, and new media journalism skills. Adding value to the skills learned by curating artifacts created & knowledge gained in a comprehensive portfolio. Making that portfolio actionable with industry-centered special opportunities.

The Four Creative Suites offered in PROjectUS are:

Style Suite:

Sound Suite:

  • Music Production – Record Label

Media Suite:

  • New Media Journalism – Capture(US)

Publishing House:

  • Creative Writing / Editing

Program participants, whether in The Style Suite, The Sound Suite, or The Media Suite, will collaborate to create content and products for a culminating, public presentation. The music, fashion, and media created will be featured and/or sold on client websites, social media, and more. College, career, and financial literacy will be embedded in the program, as participants use industry-standard tools to learn (e.g. tracking album & product sales). Participants also have the chance to earn internships with each of the professional clients. Finally, youth will receive peer-to-peer and professional feedback.

Above is the PROjectS Sizzle Reel, below you can find the PROjectUS overview video.



Lead Organization:

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
(PRO)jectUS : TCAS will produce a replicable model for program implementation by building on the strengths of the foundational STEAM Studio program. The project format allows for iterative design over the course of the work plan. While able to expand on the success of the workshop intensive format used in STEAM Studio, the project will allow us to test the application of the model to other career areas. Iterative design practice will be used to learn from the first set of intensives and apply changes to the second set of workshops. Finally, the project includes the design of a conceptual and operational model and a process for dissemination to other organizations that want to replicate, adapt or innovate on the project. For Year 3 we are joining the City's celebration of the Gwendolyn Brooks Centennial. We are also expanding our program to a more sustainable & replicable model by: (1) Offering self-paced passive programming in multiple sites around the city (2) Offering program-incentives to a wider audience (3) Expanding professional development for interns, librarians and educators who are interested in adopting the PROject US Model (4) Testing our model with a new content area Our programmatic outcomes include: Teen participants collaborate with industry professionals to produce design artifacts. 90% of participants collaborate effectively with industry professionals based on exit surveys. 90% of participants report "good" or "excellent" quality of interaction and collaboration with professionals. Participants will develop a project portfolio of their design products. 90% of participants prepare a portfolio of design products. Participants will develop financial literacy skills related to entrepreneurial foundational concepts. 75% of participants show increaed understanding based on pre and post survey of relevant financial literacy skills. Project team will develop a toolkit that provides a program model, a best practices for non-profit and corporate collaboration. Project team will host one deep dive event to introduce tool kit and explore project learnings. Toolkit will be posted on Hive Think Tank data portal for distribution to membership at completion of project. Badged pathways for fashion, music and media skill development. 60 program participants earn badges through Chicago City of Learning. Development of data assessment strategies that maximize participant feedback and program effectiveness analysis. Three Hive and/or community orgs adopt or adapt project data-gathering practices within one year of toolkit publication.

Project Tags:
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Project Portfolio