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Political Pulse News Beat

2016 Voting and Beyond: Politics for and by Youth

Research shows that young people vote at lower rates than all other American voters.  There’s also a rising civic empowered and civic achievement gaps between low-income minority youth and their wealthier white counterparts. These trends cause distortions in the democratic process and reduce the likelihood that elected officials will respond to the needs of young people and minorities.

Mikva Challenge in collaboration with Free Spirit Media will aim to address these trends by engaging youth in digital media around the 2016 election season. The two organizations will work with 25 youth to develop informational campaigns, digital forums and a narrative series etc. videos and activities focused  why or why not young peopleon the importance of being involved in the explaining why the do or don’t want to be involved in the upcoming primary elections.  This first iteration of the Elections News Beat will happen during the summer of 2015, with the audio, video and other digital products focused on engagement in the 2016 primary and general election.

Lead Organization:
Mikva Challenge

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
Our goal is to go beyond the mainstream media headlines--beyond whether or not youth are just voting. This is a preliminary look at why youth (especially at the margins) vote, why they don't and where they are investing their politics in light of uprisings across the country around police violence, living wage, etc.

Project Tags:
2015 Round 1 RFP, Youth Voice

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