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Pathways To STEM Success

National STEM partners sharing best practices about supporting underrepresented groups

Pathways to STEM Success will convene organizations that offer STEM pathways programs nationally, provide a forum for comparing different approaches, and document best practices in recruiting diverse participants, retaining, and releasing them into STEM careers.

Pathways to STEM Success will answer the following questions:

  • How can a national STEM network identify and document what is working well among its pathway programs? • How can this information be disseminated broadly?
  • How can all organizations, regardless of size or budget, implement best practices in recruiting, retaining, and releasing students into STEM careers?
  • How can the number of students in STEM pathway programs across the country be increased?

Lead Organization:
Chicago Botanic Garden

Partner Organizations:
Project Exploration , New York Hall of Science

Project Goal:
Project Goals
-Engage 100 urban teens at a Maker Party and evaluate the impact of this event to recruit students for STEM programs.
-Identify indicators of successful STEM pathway programs.
-Establish and disseminate a report of best practices.
-Gather information, resources, and collaborators to support future proposal submissions.
-Ultimately, increase the capacity for organizations to develop, implement, and sustain successful STEM pathway programs for youth of color.

Project Tags:
2014 Round 2 RFP

Project Portfolio

  • media

    The STEM Expo

    STEM Educators from across the country convened in Chicago for the STEM Expo in October as a launching point for the STEM Pathways conversation. Check out this great reflection from Johnathan Lazatin.

  • tools

    Literature Review for Pathways to STEM Success

    Are you looking for research, data, and literature around engaging youth in STEM? Specifically around these topics?

    • Disparities in STEM
    • Pathways in STEM
    • Best Practices in OST STEM Learning
    • Socioemotional Factors in STEM


    Check out the Literature Review for essays, research reports and best practices in the field of STEM OST.