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New Voices of the Studs Terkel Radio Archive

Inspiring students and educators to capture the stories before and of our times in the spirit of Studs Terkel through art and media.

New Voices on the Studs Terkel Radio Archive empowers youth to use 21st century skills in developing a multimedia exhibit and digital archive, inserting youth voice into the culture and historical narratives captured by Studs Terkel.

Lead Organization:
Chicago Public Library

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
Through this project, we are targeting youth from various neighborhoods and creative backgrounds to provide a fresh, innovative take on the legendary interviews of Studs Terkel. We seek to connect to youth in formal and informal contexts, as Studs Terkel’s work is transferable across a wide variety of communities and interest areas. Youth will learn a diverse range of digital and 21st Century skills applicable to the media and art they will produce for inclusion in the culminating exhibit and the digital archives they will also develop. The quality and quantity of this work will be reflected in these physical and digital spaces where public engagement of their work can be observed. Our desired outcomes include: ● Increase the knowledge and application of digital and 21st Century skills of youth participants, ● Increase national and international exposure of youth-­created content around the archive by its inclusion on WFMT Radio Network’s content distribution system, ● Increase exposure of the Studs Terkel Radio Archive and the youth voice within the archive through a public exhibit that will reach 500+ members of the general public ● Develop new and increased opportunities for peer­to­peer and peer­to­professional collaboration across program sites. ● Develop and implement Studs Terkel classroom curriculum in 3­5 schools in Fall 2015 ● Provide exposure to college and career paths in archiving, communications, media, and more. We will implement a series of pre­ and post­ surveys with both youth, teacher practitioners, and classroom teachers who opt­-in to use the curriculum in their classrooms to best understand the impact and experiences of the program. We will seek to use these measures to understand the skills youth will enter the project with and track the development of their skills across various phases. We will also document the project using photography and video to provide a more narrative­based perspective of the project. Data collection methods will be used to track online traffic of visitors to the Studs Terkel Radio Archive website that will provide insights into the number of views, comments, social media, etc. of the student work that will be included on the website as a part of the archive. Formal check­ins and planning and assessment meetings will also be conducted during midway and end points to understand how the project is progressing and how it can be improved or innovated upon for its progression to the next level. During the course of the project, we will explore many ways that archives and collections can be a part of a Connected Learning experience. The feedback from teacher and student participants will help us identify intersections and opportunities for out of school time learning, innovative curriculum, and peer­ to­ peer collaboration. Our discoveries will be shared freely with interested members of the Hive Network, and will encourage other archival organizations to develop education programs that foster equitable access to these valuable pieces of history and culture. In future rounds of Hive Funding, we may consider expanding the program to include more teachers and students, explore ways to make the archive mobile, and increase our engagement with CCOL.

Project Tags:
2015 Round 1 RFP, School-Hive Connection

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