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Minecraft + Design Process + Civic Issues in the Built Environment

Leveraging Minecraft and the Design Process to Explore Civic Issues in the Built Environment

Over the course of six months the Chicago Architecture Foundation will convene community partners to inform the development of an educator framework for using Minecraft as a teaching tool for applying the design process to explore civic issues in the built environment. CAF will partner with Civic Artworks to develop the agendas for community conversations and collaborate on drafts of the final framework. Community partners will include informal and formal educators, community activists and youth from within – as well as outside – the HIVE network. CAF will test the framework with youth and educators before publishing it online in the fall 2016.

Lead Organization:
Chicago Architecture Foundation

Partner Organizations:
Civic Artworks

Project Goal:
The goals of this effort are to:
• create a framework for educators who want author challenges that apply the design process to explore civic issues in the built environment using Minecraft as a vehicle
• learn about implications for using the design process for solving civic issues in a digital context
• foster a community of Hive and non-Hive partners who want to leverage Minecraft and the Design Process for youth connected learning

Project Tags:
2016 Round 1 RFP, School-Hive Connection, Ultimate Onramps

Project Portfolio

  • teaching resources

    MINECRAFT CHALLENGE: Redesign A Public Space

    In this challenge, you will use the above list as guidelines to make a great public space in Minecraft. The challenge is to design a space that promotes social interaction and a sense of community.

  • sample works

    Project-Based Learning in Minecraft

    Webinar focus: How can Minecraft be mobilized to support project-based learning experiences?