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Scenarios USA Digital Media Corps: A Snapchat Takeover

Does Snapchat work as an advocacy tool with and for young people? What does it take?

Does Snapchat work as an advocacy tool? Can young people use Snapchat as a way to investigate and demonstrate allyship? What does it take?

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The young people of the Scenarios Media Corps and the True Star Ambassadors will learn how to craft, simplify, and run a campaign (entitled “Homies Help Homies“) via one specific, widely-used, youth-friendly app – Snapchat – which is receiving international attention due to its potential. Utilizing Snapchat and its myriad features to engage peers in a conversation about allyship through in-person and digital connections, youth will document the viability of Snapchat as a participatory action research tool. Youth will document person-to-person engagement every time they train or engage someone through the Snapchat app, and note and download media from in-person and digital interactions. These “Snapchat Engagements” will take place in public spaces (like Millennium Park), at youth-attended events (like 21Minus at the MCA), and in schools (at Lunchroom Takeovers).

A “Lunchroom Takeover” is a True Star signature event where each integration is customized. The Lunchroom Takeover connects us with the high school millennial audience right in the lunchroom. During the takeover, tables are set up to distribute information while other ambassadors actively engage with students

Lead Organization:
Scenarios USA

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
- Investigate the viability of Snapchat as a digital engagement and advocacy strategy for and with youth - Train young people from True Star and Scenarios USA in live and online social media engagement, with the intent to produce meaningful yet brief responses - Add to the body of knowledge of the Hive by reviving and revising the Social Media Working Group

Project Tags:
2015 Round 1 RFP, School-Hive Connection, Youth Voice

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