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Media Ambassadors – Global Glimpse and Shine On, Chicago!

Helping students transform their story from traveling abroad into a digital media format

Final Thoughts

As we look back on our Glimmer grant and the opportunity to collaborate for greater student impact, we at Global Glimpse and Shine On, Chicago! wanted to share our thoughts on this experience.

Our process –

This process was an exciting one as we introduced students to digital media outlets via film, story development and video and photo footage.  The project served 8 students directly, and 35 indirectly through our peer teach-back opportunity to showcase the students’ video.

Our process began in the fall, where interested students were invited to our story filming workshop.  Students collaborated from across schools to share their experience about their time in the developing world on Global Glimpse’s leadership program in the summer of 2017.  Global Glimpse provided the curricular framework for students to write a compelling narrative, and Shine On Chicago! provided the equipment and brought students through the recording arc to learn the filming process.  Shine On Chicago! showed how lighting, camera and sound equipment enhance how students can communicate and inspire others with their story.

After our filming workshop, students used a cloud platform to select and submit key photo and video footage from their Global Glimpse experience in Latin America that best reflected the theme of their story. Shine On Chicago! then compiled the students’ footage to create a cohesive narrative for our students spanning 5 different schools and communities. Students then showcased their video at our Global Glimpse Storytelling Summit in February where they had an opportunity to teach back to 35 of their peers.  Students shared about their experience in the project learning about the filming process and media collection process, as well as growing in their own leadership, as this project allowed them to step out of their comfort zone to share their experience with a wider audience.

An Adaptive Objective –

Our original objective of the project was that students would collaborate and create their own digital media piece based on their student-generated content from their time abroad in Latin America as part of the Global Glimpse program. Due to students’ limited capacity their senior year, students were not available to create and edit a video during their fall semester as our original intention. However, true to our objective of enhancing students’ access and understanding of digital media and creating student-generated content based on their international experience within the Global Glimpse program, we were able to adapt the scope of the project accordingly.  We exposed students to the digital media process during our main workshop and then focused on collecting student-generated content in a variety of media to serve as a platform for students.  We then provided more support than additionally anticipated, as Shine On,Chicago! then served as the editor for the final student content format that was generated during our October content development workshop.,

Through this approach we created a “teen-assisted” instead of “teen-directed” approach for our project, while still maintaining the project goals of equipping students with tools to access digital media, and craft a compelling story to effectively use in a digital media platform. We provided students instruction and insight into digital media production, so they would have greater exposure to the creative process, and guided them through three phases of content development.

Lessons Learned –

We learned that students had great intentions to learn more about the digital media process, however, based on their schedule demands their senior year, they did not end up having the time to commit to independently develop their own video by collecting and editing their student generated content.  Too much training would have been needed to bring students up to a level to efficiently develop a video, and therefore we realized that to have a student-driven project of this scope, we would need to involve students who already had a significant baseline understanding of technology and digital media.  Given that our students did not have much background knowledge, the introductory exposure to digital media our project provided, helped them better identify media content that would support their story well, and better understood the process to aid Shine On Chicago! in editing the final student-generated video product.

This project also helped us reach and empower students with different learning styles. Some students were more comfortable being in front of the camera, while others preferred to use their GoPro or still camera to tell their story through images. We were able to capture both media methods and integrate them so that students with various learning and creative styles were part of a single narrative.

However, above all we quickly realized that the greatest lesson we learned was the opportunity this project held for our students’ leadership growth and development.  Students expressed how they grew in their own self-confidence and leadership through crafting their story via a video platform to share their thoughts, desires and skills with a wider audience.  Our students grew in their digital media awareness as none of them had spoken on camera before in a studio setting, and became more confident in curating their student-generated trip media to communicate their experiences with others.  Our students also collaborated with each other to identify connecting and contrasting experiences to provide a variety of content to use in the video to create a more comprehensive picture of their time abroad with Global Glimpse.  They continue to use this experience as a motivator to speak in front of others, or see their camera as a tool to tell their story through captured images and video of how they see the world.












Showcasing our Students’ Stories!

Global Glimpse and Shine On, Chicago! are excited to present our students’ stories in our final video format!  Six students worked during our October workshop to develop their story content and film with Jim Kropp of Shine On, Chicago! to learn more about the filming and media process.  Students then submitted their photos and video footage from their time in Latin America this past summer with Global Glimpse, and Jim Kropp knit together the footage for its final format.

Click here to see our video!

Our students’ learning continued after the completion of the video.  This winter, we showcased our video at our Global Glimpse Storytelling Summit at Noble Street College Prep on Saturday, February 3rd, where twenty-five students from our partner schools learned more about sharing their story to inspire social impact within their communities.  Our six students involved in our media project shared what the process was like for them as they developed and filmed their story it in order to share with a wider audience.  One after another, our students shared how scared they were to film their story on camera, however, they were also excited for the opportunity to grow as leaders and step out of their comfort zone.   The rest of our students resonated with the video and the experiences and lessons our six students shared.  The group cheered, laughed and tried to hide the tears in their eyes, as they reflected on the communities they met in Latin America and the community of Global Glimpse Alumni they’ve become.


Global Glimpse and Shine On, Chicago! also had an opportunity to showcase our students’ video among our community at the HIVE Meet Up on Thursday, February 15th at the Gary Comer Youth Center.  We valued the opportunity to share a quick overview of our program with the larger group and over twenty HIVE members joined us for our breakout session where we played the video in full and discussed the impact this project had our Global Glimpse students.  We are grateful for the opportunity through the HIVE and CCT’s support to make this experience possible for our organizations and our students!


Collaboration between Global Glimpse and Shine On, Chicago! is underway! We’re hard at work on a film project that will tell the stories of six local students who embarked on an international learning experience through the Global Glimpse program in summer ’17. Students have contributed their own photos and video footage representing their time abroad, and recently shared their stories on camera. Jim Kropp from Shine On, Chicago! is lending his production and editing prowess. We’re excited to see this project come together as an expression of our students’ courage as international travelers, compassion for a global community, and commitment to making a positive impact in the world.



Developing Digital Media Ambassadors








As part of the current Round 2 RFP for 2017, Global Glimpse and Shine On, Chicago! will explore a collaborative concept to enhance students’ access and understanding of digital media and create student-generated content based on their international experience within the Global Glimpse program.

This project will build off of both Global Glimpse and Shine On, Chicago’s! core programming as Global Glimpse’s core work includes partnering with diverse high schools across the Metro Chicago area to provide upperclassmen students with a two-year leadership, civic engagement, and college preparatory program centered on a fifteen-day experience in the developing world. As an introductory Glimmer project, both organizations will lead workshops for interested students, and Shine, On Chicago! will coach and mentor student(s) to produce one short video or digital media project showcasing students’ story from their time abroad in the developing world through Global Glimpse’s program, and how to relate lessons learned back to Chicago.

Shine On, Chicago! will help augment students’ international immersion experience participating in Global Glimpse’s program by providing students an opportunity to edit existing footage students capture on their trip abroad, and develop it with further styles of media content. Shine On, Chicago! will also show students the full media development cycle so that students are empowered to create meaningful content after the joint program concludes.


Lead Organization:
Global Glimpse

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Project Goal:
The project's goal is through collaboration, Global Glimpse and Shine On, Chicago! will help empower students to enhance their digital media skills as they tell their story about their experience abroad through the Global Glimpse program by creating a digital media project.

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2017 Round 2 RFP