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Media Ambassadors – Global Glimpse and Shine On, Chicago!

Helping students transform their story from traveling abroad into a digital media format

Collaboration between Global Glimpse and Shine On, Chicago! is underway! We’re hard at work on a film project that will tell the stories of six local students who embarked on an international learning experience through the Global Glimpse program in summer ’17. Students have contributed their own photos and video footage representing their time abroad, and recently shared their stories on camera. Jim Kropp from Shine On, Chicago! is lending his production and editing prowess. We’re excited to see this project come together as an expression of our students’ courage as international travelers, compassion for a global community, and commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

Developing Digital Media Ambassadors








As part of the current Round 2 RFP for 2017, Global Glimpse and Shine On, Chicago! will explore a collaborative concept to enhance students’ access and understanding of digital media and create student-generated content based on their international experience within the Global Glimpse program.

This project will build off of both Global Glimpse and Shine On, Chicago’s! core programming as Global Glimpse’s core work includes partnering with diverse high schools across the Metro Chicago area to provide upperclassmen students with a two-year leadership, civic engagement, and college preparatory program centered on a fifteen-day experience in the developing world. As an introductory Glimmer project, both organizations will lead workshops for interested students, and Shine, On Chicago! will coach and mentor student(s) to produce one short video or digital media project showcasing students’ story from their time abroad in the developing world through Global Glimpse’s program, and how to relate lessons learned back to Chicago.

Shine On, Chicago! will help augment students’ international immersion experience participating in Global Glimpse’s program by providing students an opportunity to edit existing footage students capture on their trip abroad, and develop it with further styles of media content. Shine On, Chicago! will also show students the full media development cycle so that students are empowered to create meaningful content after the joint program concludes.


Lead Organization:
Global Glimpse

Partner Organizations:
Shine On, Chicago!

Project Goal:
The project's goal is through collaboration, Global Glimpse and Shine On, Chicago! will help empower students to enhance their digital media skills as they tell their story about their experience abroad through the Global Glimpse program by creating a digital media project.

Project Tags:
2017 Round 2 RFP