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Make, Take, and Teach Fair

The Make, Take and Teach Fair is a collaboration between The Center for College Access and Success at Northeastern Illinois University and the Digital Youth Network.  As a Link grant, one goal of the project is to help the network reach a broader constituency.  Giving teachers an opportunity to participate in a Hive sponsored event designed with their needs in mind provides Hive the opportunity to bring more teachers into the network.

The ultimate goal of the Make, Take and Teach Fair is to promote connected learning. Organizations who participate in the fair will host maker stations with hands-on making activities for teachers with lesson plans that teachers can take with them and implement or adapt for their classrooms. Supply stipends and additional CPDUs will be available to teachers who remix a lesson plan and implement in their classroom. In addition, we will create a community of educators who can share their remixed lesson plans onto a page on the site.

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This project will provide another exemplary solution to the challenge that the School-Hive Moonshot group was working toward in further connecting teachers to Hive. The Make, Take and Teach Fair project is informed by the The Model for Connected Learning, a Spark grant which funded professional development opportunities to teachers at YOUmedia. Three teachers followed up with implementation of units in their classrooms. The Teacher Maker Party at Destination: Chicago was another attempt at making the connection with teachers.  A space was allocated at The Destination: Chicago event at Jones College Prep in 2015 where teachers could converge, discuss resources and ideas that they thought they could use in their classrooms, look at some further resources and write a activity plan and earn some CPDUs.  Teachers who entered the Teacher’s Lounge, made use of the space and made connections, but overall, the event was meant for youth.  Combining what we learned from the Model for Connected Learning and the Teacher Maker Party through a one day event with many participating organizations and the possibility of implementation in the classroom, the Make, Take and Teach Fair is a project that will connect many more Hive organizations to classroom teachers.

In addition, this project helps to continue the work of the Connected Learning Teacher Network Glimmer grant, that funded the Teacher PD calendar. The calendar was a beginning of the creation of a teacher pathway or network for Hive. The Back to School Jam and other Chicago City of Learning led events have done an excellent job in connecting youth and their families to the many learning opportunities that exist in the city. The currently funded Chi Teen Lit Fest will be another example of how building and implementing a large scale event can activate a constituency in that case, youth involvement, into Hive and Hive organizations. Using similar models that have worked with youth and their families, but adapting it for teachers is a way the School-Hive Moonshot group is learning from other Moonshot work.

Lead Organization:
The Center for College Access and Success at NEIU

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
Build bridges between in-school and out-of-school learning. Create community for in-school teachers and out-of-school time educators to promote Connected Learning in classrooms.

Project Tags:
2016 Round 1 RFP, Moonshot Solutions, School-Hive Connection

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