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LCDC – Create Chicago

During the Summer of 2014, six Hive Chicago organizations piloted a one-week design and fashion project with the Burberry Foundation called Create. Students engaged in the creative process and produced targeted videos responding to the “Creativity for Good” prompt. Learn more about the pilot project and the organizations below.

Technology and Design at LCDC

At the Lawndale Christian Development Corporation Community Technology Center participation in Burberry Create was one of several projects during the summer of 2014. The two original videos were made about important issues in the community including Stop the Violence and Presentation Matters.
Following our Spring ASM program, high school student Thurston Abernathy created a website dedicated to his unique experiences at his church with several original videos detailing his experiences there. Check it out at Webmaker! In addition to several walk-in students, we also hosted nearly a hundred youth from The Garden Summer Camp over six weeks. Together, we made simple circuits with light bulbs, original music, original video games and original blog posts. The Tech Center was also glad to again offer Pop-Up Tech Tents at the B-Ball on the Block basketball games LCDC provided. In these tents, students created glowing nametags and short video games! After the Burberry Create program, LCDC student Eric McCormick (the star in Stop the Violence) traveled to the Chicago City of Learning and relayed some of the this building to other youth. This summer we also welcomed Joseph Moore, our new Technology Center Intern. Joseph is currently putting the finishing touches on a cool game multi-level Scratch game that he is completing after seeing some of the projects made over the summer!

Lead Organization:
Lawndale Christian Development Corporation

Project Goal:
Following their own passions and interests, the students crafted messages to other students detailing attempts to stop violence and secure proper employment. While youth at our center often follow their own interests, it is rarer that they are asked to think as much about their audience and our experience in Burberry Create was great for fostering this thought. Our youth knew the inner conflicts well of the young would-be-thief in Stop the Violence that considers stealing even at a peace march: such dichotomies are common among residents here that are often bombarded with messages of the "right" thing to do, but still see just as many models of "wrong" actions. "Presentation Matters" details the right and wrong ways to come to an interview in amusing recreations, perfectly mirroring approaches that are far too common!

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Create Chicago