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Intuit and YouthMuse – Create Chicago

IntuiTeens: Teen-to-Teen Conversation and Creativity

During the Summer of 2014, six Hive Chicago organizations piloted a one-week design and fashion project with the Burberry Foundation called Create. Students engaged in the creative process and produced targeted videos responding to the “Creativity for Good” prompt. Learn more about the pilot project and the organizations below.

IntuiTeens: Teen-to-Teen Conversation and Creativity

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art worked with YouthMuse over the course of 2014, first, to explore concepts for teen engagement with the museum, interviewing teens across the city in creative programs and gaining their insights on using art and making as a way for teens to tap into their own creativity and stimulate conversation about issues that matter to teens.

Once teens greenlighted the concept, YouthMuse and Intuit leveraged the Burberry Creates Chicago pilot program to bring interested teens together to form an Intuit teen program, which they branded IntuitTeens, and do two things: 1. Create a set of three videos on issues of teen interest. 2. Create a series of workshops the IntuiTeens led at Chicago Public Library YouMedia and teen-focused spaces around the city over the summer.

Lead Organization:
Intuit: Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
Goal 1: Build a teen internship program that leverages Intuit's outsider art collection and an online gallery space where teens can explore social issues by posting art in all it's forms. Subgoals: Leveraging Burberry Create Chicago, the first Intuit cadre developed a program brand, learned digital technologies and art making techniques and were exposed to art and gallery curation. Branding themselves the IntuiTeens, interns led peer-to-peer workshops at Shedd Aquarium, Chicago Public Library teen spaces, and STEAM Studio as part of Chicago City of Learning.

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Create Chicago

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