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Establishing and Implementing Civic Engagement Assessments

This Hive project is an exciting new collaboration between Free Spirit Media and the Convergence Design Lab at Columbia College.

The project is a professional development and participatory action research initiative designed to build the capacity of youth media mentors to teach and assess digital literacies and civic engagement among participants.

The project seeks to deepen the Hive Network’s understanding of the connection between youth media pedagogy/practices and learning outcomes across the three domains of creative workforce development, civic readiness, and continuous learning. The project will provide an opportunity to test out and refine the 3Cs of Participatory Media and Learning framework while developing a set of authentic assessment tools, instruments and project-based rubrics that will be made available to the larger Hive Network, providing an efficient set of tried and true strategies for measuring youth learning outcomes and competencies. Free Spirit Media’s experience will serve as a case study and model for broader implementation.

Completion of the project and the resources we create will enhance the capacity of youth media organizations to integrate performance-based assessments into their routine practice of implementation and development.

Lead Organization:
Free Spirit Media

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
The goal of this civic media and learning initiative is two-fold: a) to help FSM make the competencies that youth gain through their programs moretransparent, open, visible and recognized to both the youth participants and the organization’s constituents; and b) to empower mentors in their own professional development by acting as action researchers who can design and collect formative assessments that can drive program improvements, inform pedagogy and strengthen their community of practice. For All Systems is an open platform that supports communities of teaching and learning. CDL will design authentic assessments in the forms of rubrics that areused to assess youth skills across a range of competency frameworks such as the 3Cs, the MHA Labs 21st Century Building Blocks, the National Core Media Arts Standards, Common Core and the Future Ready ISTE Standards. The platform includes a robust set of data analytics tools that allow each rubric item to map to a set of standards in order to generate customizable reports that can effectively track learner development over multiple workshops and across time. CDL will also administer focus groups and surveys with mentors to evaluate fidelity of implementation.

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2017 Round 2 RFP