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Energy Engineers Will Light Up CPS Classrooms!

CPS students design ways to save energy at school and home with the new smart grid.

Do you know how to program “For” and “While” loops in Python? Or how to use your school’s energy data to create an exciting light up display? Join us, and learn how!

This year, the Energy Engineers team is excited to bring a unique, hands-on and cross-curricular energy experience to CPS students.

Our team is planning a teacher professional development program to delve into the mysteries of climate change and the energy we use each day.

giphy (1)The program will support individual teachers, OST mentors, and the Early College STEM Success and GEARUP schools networks. Some teachers will get in-class engineering mentors to assist with data “Smart Lamps” (right). The interactive lamps can convert any data stream into a programmable light-up display.

Through our partnership, University of Chicago climate physicists from RDCEP will work with mentors from Project SYNCERE, teacher trainers from the Center for College Access and Success, and educational media support from Planetary Laboratory (Mumkin Studio).Our team is grateful for support from the Hive to collaboratively develop the project.

Through the program, students will learn about data-driven approaches to civic engagement and urban planning. Our goal is to craft a scalable, school-wide approach to energy conservation leadership that also highlights opportunities for career training in our region (i.e. digital manufacturing). We will also support schools to connect with initiatives like the Energy Shared Savings Program and Elevate Energy’s outreach program. 

We will measure outcomes related to school energy usage, student leadership, and pre and post levels of student STE(A)M interest.

Sign up for updates about the program offerings! Just follow this link and leave your name and e-mail in the form. 



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