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From Here to There: Embodied Conversations with Teens

All youth have a story to share.

The Chicago History Museum (CHM) Department of Education and Nathan Philips, assistant professor at the College of Education of the University of Illinois at Chicago will work together on this project by developing and conducting embodied conversations with teens, former teen participants, and museum staff over a six-month period.

This project seeks to identify, design, and support learning pathways for youth that extend into their futures and allow for embodied engagements with the past. Embodied conversations engage whole bodies in learning interaction. These activities include use of drawings and maps to discover learning pathways through physical and digital spaces; use of movement and five senses for a higher level of understanding, retention, and comprehension; and use of mobile technologies to engage with the city.



Lead Organization:
Chicago History Museum

Partner Organizations:
College of Education | University of Illinois at Chicago ,

Project Goal:
We will invite teens and youth program affiliates to share their viewpoints in a series of embodied conversations in order to 1) understand what teens want out of informal out-of-classroom museum programs and to discover how these experiences impact life choices 2) gain insight into how local institutions can support their pathways throughout Chicago and to contribute to an understanding of how cultural organizations can better serve their teen audiences 3) explore support for a foundation for teen programs at CHM.

Project Tags:
2014 Round 2 RFP

Project Portfolio

  • documentation

    GeoConvos Blog

    Follow along with the Geoconvos team as we explore connections between place, identity, and history and develop tools for understanding youth learning pathways in Chicago. Find out about our Hive Chicago funded project here, and be sure to check out Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #geoconvos for our most up-to-date progress.

  • teaching resources

    Experience Sampling - A text and response activity

    Use these instructions to create a snapshot of someone’s experiences throughout the day. All facilitated by smart phone texting and connection.

  • sample works

    Putting GeoConvos into Practice

    Hear from one of the adult team members, Ilana, as she experiences providing snapshots of her day in her first Geoconvo.