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Transforming DiscoverDesign into an Open-Source Learning Lab

Relaunch as an open-source cooperative learning lab for design thinking and online mentorship.

CAF will transform into an open-source cooperative learning lab for design thinking and online mentorship through investments in: new content; diversified audiences; a more robust, flexible platform; and strategic partnerships.

Lead Organization:
Chicago Architecture Foundation

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
a. Enabling equitable access to Hive Programs? 500 characters. CAF is committed to sharing the platform with the Hive Network. This project will also increase the visibility and accessibility of Hive programs by introducing new programs to youth through related achievements. Using achievements to level up in other programs increases the mobility of youth across Hive organizations. Digital achievements create an important point of access into Hive programs for Chicago teens who use but are not otherwise engaged in Hive. b. Creating learning pathways? 500 characters. Digital achievements will create learning pathways within that lead to outside opportunities such as access to special programs or internships. These pathways will engage students of younger ages who will be prepared for architecture, engineering, and design at the high school level. This partnership will also map pathways across the Hive by illustrating how youth discover and earn related badges from different programs. c. Sparking and sustaining innovation? 500 characters. This project demonstrates a new model of learning through multiple delivery methods: digital achievements link formal and informal learning, peer mentorship and teacher/professional mentorship, and experiences across multiple Hive programs. The dissemination of information about our process will provide a toolkit of best practices for other Hive organizations to adapt. d. Providing value beyond the Network? 500 characters. offers individualized, youth-centered experiences that emphasize one’s unique skills and interests. This allows teens to define and pursue their interests beyond Expansion of relies on the Hive Network: the more organizations and youth that use and shares achievements, the more intrinsic and social value it will have. Through partnership ACE Mentor, CAF will extend the impact of even further to national learning networks. OUTCOMES: Establish a baseline and analyze trends to help the field of connected learning collect authentic user data. This baseline data will track. • The number of unique youth, mentor and teacher users of over time as tracked in Google Analytics. • National reach of users over time as measured by users in different states in Google Analytics. An increase in users who are informal learners and who have little prior design experience. • 25% of new users in the first year after launch will indicate that they started with little to no experience in design or architecture, as measured through a survey when creating a user account. • Increase in users’ design skills from informal learning contexts (vs. school settings) as documented through badge pathways visualized on user profiles. An increase in engagement, design thinking and skill development over time among youth users. • 50% of users who complete one design project will also earn at least one skill badge or complete another, high level design project with the help of online or in-person mentoring. • Evidence of increasing sophistication in the design process as shown in comments and reflection posts from youth users, mentor reviews of youth design projects, and badge data. An increase in the number of users who follow a learning pathway of increasingly complex content and deepening engagement in the online community over time. • Progression through learning pathways as documented through badges earned. • Ethnographic interviews with youth users to define diverse student experiences within and learning pathways through content. Establish a baseline and analyze trends to help the field of connected learning track downloads and dispersion of toolkits and curricula replicated by other institutions. • Increased inquiries from other Hive Network members to CAF to partner on projects related to • Increase in partner projects on through co-authored design challenges.

Project Tags:
2015 Round 2 RFP, Ultimate Onramps

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