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Developing and Testing Digital Journeys to Promote Learning About the Smart Grid and Energy

Digital Journeys


Brief Description:

This project will develop two digital journeys of five activities each, to promote learning about the Smart Grid and Alternative Energies. These journeys will be hosted on platform Next.CC and will be tested during the summer.

Lead Organization:
Scientists for Tomorrow - Dept. of Science and Mathematics - Columbia College Chicago

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
The goal of the project is to generate two digital journeys: one about the Smart Grid and the Second about Alternative Energies. These journeys will include virtual and hands-on activities to promote a better understanding of the topics by the users. In summer 2016 we will test these journeys with two groups of high school students, and ask for their feedback. According to the students' feedback we will update the journeys and will be ready for a larger test in a catalytic project

Project Tags:
2016 Round 1 RFP, Moonshot Solutions, Parent Engagement

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