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CTA-Transit Audio Project

What's Your Story?

Free Spirit Media youth will create the audio recordings as an additional project to their existing program, in support of forwarding the work of the Transportation Moonshot. The series of audio recordings will kick-off a campaign encouraging teens to leave a voice mail that tells their own stories, with the intention of leading to future youth-generated content in the long term.

One of the audio pieces will be a collaboration with the Illustrated Press as part of their year-long series and upcoming book about Kedzie Avenue. They will joining the RCY crew as one reporter makes her two-hour commute to school.

Lead Organization:
Free Spirit Media

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
The goal of this project is to document youth challenges in moving around Chicago via CTA. These audio recordings will advance the transportation moonshot by directly collecting youth stories that can be used to inform action plans for individual organizations and raise awareness for policy makers.

Project Tags:
Moonshot Solutions, Transportation