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Cross-Organizational Keytag System Lead

Physical badging for a digitally connected world!

Artifice and Iridescent are building an attendance tracking system that utilizes physical badges and publishing our code under an open source license on GitHub. Before the request for proposals opened, both organizations had the beginnings of a system worked out separately, with Iridescent’s already in use. The organizations originally planned to build on their existing work to create one shared tool, but we ran into significant challenges combining our existing architectures. So, each organization is building an attendance tracking system (“Relic” by Artifice and “Keytag” by Iridescent) that will be shared openly with Hive organizations.

Lead Organization:

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
To produce the prototype for an open-source inter-organizational attendance tracking system, with some shared components (admin interface, servers) and some customizable components (site-based log in system) to flexibly accommodate the attendance needs of various organizations. Iridescent & Artifice intend to use the resulting system(s) to fulfill their own attendance needs for the foreseeable future (with hopes of extending to other Hive orgs down the road). The results of this project will include an open-source code shared on GitHub.

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2014 Round 1 RFP

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