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Connected Learning Teacher Network

Create a calendar of PD that includes all of the Hive orgs.

The School-Hive group will work with Hive organizations and others to develop a year long PD calendar with a selection of program offerings that will effectively engage educators and schools in applying Connected Learning principles in the classroom.

Lead Organization:
Center for College Access and Success (CCAS)

Partner Organizations:
Chicago Public Library

Project Goal:
-Our goal is to work as a collective with Hive organizations and others to create a calendar of PD events for educators that will bring Connected Learning into the classroom.
-Inviting organizations that have PD to be a part of the planning process.
-Surveying Hive organizations on what PD they offer and what their reach is in terms of classroom educators.
-Create an effective marketing strategy to engage educators in these PD offerings.

Project Tags:
2015 Round 1 RFP, Moonshot Solutions, School-Hive Connection

Project Portfolio

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    School-Hive Organization Connections Survey

    We would love it if your organization could give us some insight into how you work with teachers.  This is a brief survey to help us get a sense of the Chicagoland professional development reach.  If you took this survey before, but feel that someone else in your organization works more closely with teachers and could answer these questions better, please ask them to fill it out!

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    Teachers and Hive Survey

    Planning an event for teachers?  We’d love it if you could have teachers fill out this survey.  We hope to get some ideas about how teachers find out about events, the kinds of events teachers are going to, and what draws them to these events.