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ChronoCurrency Pilot: Reclaiming Time As Money

What is timebanking?
Timebanking is the reciprocal exchange of skills and services using time as a currency. Participants provide skills and services to one another in exchange for bankable hours. These hours can then be traded as a currency to obtain help and assistance from other participants on the platform.

How might this help my organization?

Timebanking has often been used in youth and community development as a type of incentive towards social participation. While volunteering may provide an altruistic boost, timebanking offers organizations something of meaningful value to reward participants for aiding in their programming. This incentive grows in value as the number of people on the timebank offer skills and services that are seen as valuable. Giving our best encourages and incentivizes others to offer their best in return.

Lead Organization:
North Park Village Nature Center of the Chicago Park District

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
To pilot the use of timebanking in youth and community development as an alternative to financial currency.

Project Tags:
2018 Round 1 RFP

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