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Chicago Slices – Chicago Stories Then and Now

Chicago Slices provied resources on media literacy and digital media making to curate from collections.

Yollocalli Arts Reach, Media Burn, The LAMP, Chicago History Museum, CCAS and youth participants collaborated on shared  lesson plans on how to use archival video footage as a resource for new media projects that reflect current issues in Chicago.

Chicago Slices developed lesson plans on how to use Media Burn’s archived videos in both the in-school and after school setting. Yollocalli youth, from the Camera Flux class, worked with Media Burn to develop new digital media pieces that reflect the commonalities between Chicago’s history and present. In conjunction with the youth developing original pieces of media, Yollocalli staff, Media Burn, and Chicago History Museum staff developed resource guides on how to use archived footage in other after school settings, which were guided by the input of the Yollo participants. The Lamp, Yollocalli, CHM and Media Burn also developed lesson plans for CPS teachers on how to use Media Burn and Media Breaker in academic settings. A series of teacher PDs were provided to CPS teachers to further share the resources, which were presented at CCAS teacher events. The project will culminate in a special screening of the students’ completed work at the NMMA, as well as being available online.

For the second phase of Chicago Slices, partners worked with the teacher cohort and Yollocalli youth participants to develop lessons to be shared with other teachers and teaching artists. The second phase focused on providing the teacher cohort with additional tools necessary to implement their lessons, meeting with Yollocalli youth participants to develop lesson plans, showcasing student media at the National Museum of Mexican Art, and sharing out the lesson plans and resources with other teachers through Hive partners, CPS networks, and teacher conferences.

Lead Organization:
Yollocalli Arts Reach of the National Museum of Mexican Art

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
Youth are inspired to record their own stories of Chicago and value how recorded histories and stories can prompt new discussions and insight; and teachers understand the value of media literacy and digital literacy in the classroom. 1. Yollocalli youth develop 1 to 2 digital media pieces using Media Burn footage. 2. Youth work will link Media Burn footage with social and cultural issues today about Chicago. 3. Youth will increase their knowledge in digital and 21st Century Skills. 4. Media Burn resource guide for after school programs will be developed with Yollocalli youth. 5. 10 CPS teachers will learn how to use digital media in the classroom as an effective tool to talk about social justice issues and the humanities.

Project Tags:
2016 Round 2 RFP, 2017 Round 1 RFP, School-Hive Connection, Youth Voice

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