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CAF Minecraft Design Jam

The CAF Minecraft Design Jam will allow students use design thinking to solve a real-world problem in a virtual environment.

The CAF Minecraft Design Jam will allow students use design thinking to solve a real-world problem in a virtual environment. The introduction of the badging platform provides CAF with a new hybrid instructional/learning model that combines face-to-face and web-based learning, or a DiscoverDesign Learning Lab. The success of the CAF Minecraft Design Jam will influencefuture programs utilizing this DiscoverDesign Learning Lab model. Additionally, by hosting the CAF Minecraft Design Jam onsite in the ArcelorMittal Design Studio, CAF has the opportunity to leverage its current assets by integrating its tours, exhibitions and technology into this program.

Lead Organization:
Chicago Architecture Foundation

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
Goals: 30 students will participate in the CAF Minecraft Design Jam. Working with a community partner, CAF will enroll 15 students in both sessions of the CAF Minecraft Jam. CAF will track attendance and encourage week-long participation in the program. Each student will earn at least 2 badges through the CAF Minecraft Design Jam. Through, students will have the opportunity to earn 21 different skill badges: Photography, Writing, Researching, Digital Model Making, Physical Model Making, Hand Sketching, Construction Drawing (Levels I, II, III). A CAF Minecraft Design Jam badge will be available on the CCOL platform. CAF will track how many students earn the CAF Minecraft Design Jam Badge. Students will create artifacts. Participants will design solutions to real-world problems on a virtual platform in MinecraftEdu. A virtual world will be created in MinecraftEdu which will host all of the design challenges. Each student or collaborative team will create a Let’s Play Minecraft video that will illustrate students solving design problems in MinecraftEdu which will be featured on CAF’s YouTube channel. Artifacts will be displayed on CAF will collect program feedback to inform future work. CAF will collect student and parent testimonials from each participant. Students' work will receive real-world insight & critiques from professional mentors. CAF will collect comments on artifacts posted to and YouTube. The CAF MInecraft Jam addresses the Hive Chicago Moonshot challenge area, “The Ultimate Hub: On-Ramping Youth to Hive Programs.” CAF’s facilitation of structured, design-centric challenges within MinecraftEdu will expose youth to connected learning experiences and inspire them to participate in other Hive Network programming.

Project Tags:
2015 Round 1 RFP, Youth Voice