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ARK/GCYC Community Youth Educator Incubator

Peer to Peer Educator

The ARK of St. Sabina is a community youth center located on the south-side of Chicago in the Auburn Gresham community. The ARK opened in 1992 under the leadership of Father Michael Pfleger, The ARK is a safe haven dedicated to enhancing the lives, talents and spirits of the community youth through education, mentoring and linkages to resources. The ARK serves youth between the ages of 6-24.

The Gary Comer Youth Center (GCYC) was established in Chicago’s Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood in May 2006. The Youth Center’s mission is to provide the support for all of its students to graduate from high school, prepared to pursue college and careers. The Gary Comer Youth Center offers positive extracurricular education in a welcoming and safe environment.

In the ARK/GCYC Community Youth Educator Incubator, seven teens and young adults will serve as interns and co-lead after-school enrichment opportunities for 6th-8th grade youth at both the ARK of St. Sabina and at the Gary Comer Youth Center. The topics in the curriculum were created and designed by teen and young adult interns from Gary Comer Youth Center.


Enrichment Opportunities include:

Earn, Spend, Save & Invest, Borrow, Protect

  • Money Basics: What is money & How does it relate to you?
  • Budgeting & Comparison Shopping: Saving and Spend Money?
  • Track Spending & Setting Goals to Save
  • How to be a smart online shopper
  • Exploring Philanthropy
  • Think about Their futures
  • How to Save for Big ticket Items & Ways to Pay for College
  • Credit, Loans, Buying a House, Renting an Apartment


Interns will learn to co-plan and co-teach class once per week, meet one time per week with their intern cohort, and meet one time per week with the program instructor of the enrichment program to which they are assigned. Teen interns will learn to integrate connected learning principles into their instruction so youth can connect academics to interests. These peer to peer opportunities will provide mentor-ship and leadership opportunities for the interns as well as 6th-8th grade youth participants engaged weekly.


Lead Organization:
The ARK of St. Sabina

Partner Organizations:

Project Goal:
Interns will develop leadership skills, a sense of civic and service learning, and job readiness skills. Students who learn from interns will gain from the peer-to-peer mentorship and the implementation of digital pathways for learning.

Project Tags:
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