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Ark Community Youth Journalism Program

As The ARK of St. Sabina enters its 26th year since its opening in 1992, it is going through a variety of awesome programs for the students and staff. One major program that has taken its course, is the Journalism Program offered to middle and high school students, ages 13-18. The journalism program offers students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in broadcast and print journalism. Youth are challenged to think critically, while exploring various ways to tell stories that impact their community. The Ark took on the initiative of the journalism program to ultimately teach students the inner roads of journalistic media and the routes and uphills to take if seeking journalism as a passion or even profession. Attention to details, a dedication to finding the truth, and an investigative eye all capture students in a positive light to seek and be the changes they wish to see in their communities. Students are being taught to write truthfully and tactfully, without bias, judgement, or stigma, and are strategically expanding their mindsets despite repercussions in mass media or other forms of a social media outlet.

Journalism instructors Tisha Littlejohn and Angela Rightout spoke about their experiences with the students since the start of the program and the positive and uplifting effects that the program has already offered.


Angela’s Gains:

  • Focuses on a daily objective to get students motivated and inspired
  • Captures an overview of different types of journalism and ways to decipher
    • Examples: Hard News Journalism
    • Interviewing Techniques: In person vs. Phone
    • Questioning types when interviewing
  • Currently students are working on independent feature articles for their journalism projects
    • These allow students to identify the impact that a story has, how to gain information for a story, and essentially, what to write about.
  • Angela also mentions that students are enjoying their project and have worked well together.


Tisha’s Gains:

  • Focuses on the social media realm of journalism
    • Marketing strategies
    • Digital Media
    • Social Media
  • Worked on website creations
  • Currently invested in a student group project that can tailor to student interests and measuring success with completion of an Instagram page
    • Tisha and students collectively created their own page and input their own ideas to add interest.
      • Instagram name
      • Theme
      • Bio
      • Postings
      • Growth + Followers
    • Tisha explains that the students have been readily invested and will be adding more and more to their group’s page.
    • Tisha also mentions that measuring success with theses students creates investment and fulfillment for the growth of the journalism group and creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Process Improvement:

  • As The Ark expands its programs and functions for the upcoming year, they plan on focusing solely on high school students within the journalism program to adequately prepare them for college-ready success, and to help those high achieving students that wish to seek journalism or print media as something of extreme value.



Lead Organization:
The Ark of St. Sabina

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