Since January 1, 2018, stewardship of Hive Chicago has transitioned from Mozilla to a new local non-profit, the Chicago Learning Exchange (CLX). Please visit us at chicagolx/joinus to learn how you and your organization can join our growing community. The Hive is still the Hive.

Share And Lead at Meetups

At Our Monthly Meetups You Can…

  • Lead conversations during Connections
  • Share Program or Project Updates during #hivebuzz
  • Lead Moonshot Discussion and Project Working groups

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Lead conversations about anything

Yes…We really mean anything!

Arrive at 9am and claim your space!

  • During the Meetup: We’ll provide chart paper and markers for to up-to six conversation leaders. Pick any topic of discussion and invite people to join you.
  • Why Connections? Have a project you are working and need some input?  Looking for an audience with diverse knowledge and insight?  Need to individuals to be a sounding board for an idea?  Connections are a great way to see if your project/idea/conversation resonates.  
    • If you know what you want to talk about in advance, invite anyone you’d like to the meetup to join you! Just have them RSVP!



Share Program or Project Updates

On Tuesday before the Meetup: please fill out the form above.

  • During the Meetup: you’ll have 60 seconds to announce your slide and then 10-15 minutes to lead small discussion/breakout groups for to share more details and information about your update with curious attendees.



Lead Discussion and Project groups

In advance of the Meetup: let Jia ( or your Moonshot rep to the Advisory Committee know if you are interested in leading one of these groups:

  • Moonshot discussion groups: if you were to share your project in this area of activity, then you or a representative of the project would volunteer to lead a discussion about how the project connects to a Moonshot. Either how it serves to demonstrate challenges related to the area, or how it demonstrates a solution to those challenges. In this format, you are much more at the whim of discussants.
  • (Moonshot) project groups:  in this area of activity, you would present a project and specific pieces of work or tasks that others can help with. This might be drafting, designing, communicating, reviewing, etc. The goal would be to help others contribute to the work. In this format you can facilitate an engaging share-out of your project while also getting something done! This time is a great way to to get your project moving forward by engaging the network in creative solution oriented discussion.  Come with an idea and leave with a solution.  Ideally, this is work that could be brought back to meetups monthly.  Check out some of the projects being discussed here!


How to Get on the Agenda

For connections, #hivebuzz and Moonshots 101,

You can contact me (@jia) or comment on this post with your connections convo topic or #hivebuzz share-out.

Moonshot Discussion and Project Groups

Check out info about Moonshot Issues & Moonshot Working Groups then contact the Moonshot Reps below via DM on slack or in the corresponding channels.

  • #moonshot-data: @ashlynsparrow
  • #moonshot-onramps: @avri
  • #moonshot-parents: @nathalie
  • #moonshot-transpo: @roboticslady
  • #moonshot-hive-school: @rafaelrosa
  • #moonshot-youthvoice: @andreahart