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Shining a Light on Transportation Constraints

Call to Action:

Access to youth programming and innovative learning experiences in Chicago is not equitable or diverse. There are many reasons why access is important and we will explore many reasons in order to find the best solutions.

Moonshot Goal: Increase access to learning opportunities for teens citywide.

Check out the latest Moonshot Health Report to learn more about past projects and future directions.
If you would like to learn more about this work or get involved please join us at our next meetup or contact our Hive Network Manager – Jia Lok Pratt at

Accountable Members:
Henry Mann - Fuse

Responsible Members:
Amaris Alanis-Ribeiro - Chicago Botanic Garden

Exemplary Solutions

  • Re:Imagine Pathway Project

    The Re:Imagine Pathways Project will pilot a model for embedding a large-scale, youth-driven event into a HIVE learning pathway structure to understand ways to leverage youth interest to propel them to other learning opportunities around the city.

    "The Re:Imagine Pathways Project will both develop and pilot a model for building a pathway structure into/around a one-time, large-scale, youth-driven event. We will do this in 2 ways: through data mining and application design and through a piloted partnership between the Art Institute of Chicago and Yollocalli Arts Reach during Re:Imagine 2016. These connected components allow us to investigate the effectiveness of pathways for teens who are and are not offered spots to participate in Re:Imagine 2016, and to understand how pathway take-up changes based on variables such as online vs. in-person communication, the presence of trusted adults to broker opportunities, program structure, teen motivation, and location."

  • Hive Chicago Engage

    ChicagoQuest and Civic ArtWorks will work with youth, teachers, and Hive members to develop the Civic ArtWorks app to build connections among youth, educators and the Hive

    "Our goal is to increase the interaction and learning pathways among youth and educators and members of the Hive Network. We will measure our success through the amount and quality of feedback from user-centered design sessions with youth, ChicagoQuest teachers, and Hive members."

  • Connected Mentor: Mentoring Working Group

    Mentoring as a Mechanism for Effective Connected Learning

    "In order to build a community of mentors and bridge connections for youth in Connected Learning settings, we set out to construct a framework in an effort to develop a common understanding and language related to the type of mentoring that happens in out-of-school spaces. After observing programs and speaking with adults across organizations, we devised the Connected Mentoring Framework. Its purpose is to help practitioners see where their roles fit into the broad youth development and mentoring taking place in out-of-school time."

  • All Access Pass

    Open up the world of informal learning resources to Chicago youth

    "This project is designed to help open up the world of informal learning to Chicago youth by engaging them in online and in-person challenges that guide them through the city and giving them free access to cultural institutions."

  • From Here to There: Embodied Conversations with Teens

    All youth have a story to share.

    "This project seeks to identify, design, and support learning pathways for youth that extend into their futures and allow for embodied engagements with the past...these activities include use of drawings and maps to discover learning pathways through physical and digital spaces...and use of mobile technologies to engage with the city."

  • CTA-Transit Audio Project

    What's Your Story?

  • Connecting Youth To Making

    Youth making tools to inform adult decisions

    Funded in 2015 Round 2, this project will build out one of our seed solutions - a visualization that can travel to events and show transportation patterns of teens as they move around the city.

  • Safe Passages for Teen Skaters and Bikers

    Amplifying the Voices and Stories of Teens.

    Another project funded in the second round of 2015, partners will guide teens in documenting the infrastructure of using bikes around the city and sharing via social media platforms. They will create recommendations for improving routes.


  • Visualization

    One of the solutions getting traction within the group is a visualization of how our youth move around the city. This would enable us to see how youth are moving around the city and which areas are not being included.

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  • This article from WBEZ focuses on the challenges in getting students commuting during the summer reduced fares on the new Ventra system.

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  • The Transportation Moonshot will be leading a workshop at the Digital Media and Learning conference. Join us on Saturday, June 13 at 11 am to dive into our challenges and current hacks and come away with some new ideas for addressing transportation issues.

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