Become A Hive Member




Organizational membership to the Hive Network confers benefits and resources with the understanding that increased Network engagement through membership requires a greater commitment of time and talent.

For Example, member organizations are eligible to lead on proposals to the Hive Fund RFP; staff at member organizations are invited to travel to conferences and global events as representatives of Hive Chicago. There is no fee for membership in Hive Chicago.

Other benefits include: access to thought leaders and innovators, participation in a professional learning community, connections to youth-serving partner organizations, connections to Hive Networks globally, invitations to serve on the Member Advisory Committee, access to conferences, travel grants, and other funding opportunities, invitations to special events and the eligibility to lead on submissions to Hive Fund RFPs.


Network membership is not required to collaborate within the Hive. We are an open community that welcomes participation and collaboration with any organizations or individuals whose work is aligned with ours.


Open Call for 2017 Membership is now closed.

View the full text of the Membership Guidelines here


Membership Options

Membership to the Hive Chicago Learning Network is available for organizations. Applications for organizational membership are submitted by qualified representatives on behalf of the organization and its staff.

Organizational Participants

The Hive Chicago Learning Network consists of non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, government agencies, organizational outreach programs, and other organizational networks. However, only non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for the Hive Fund and sometimes, other funding opportunities as well. Moreover, while most members of our network provide a direct service to high-school-aged youth, others indirectly serve our target audience through resources that support learners or educators. Therefore, we have one level of  organizational membership: Hive Members.


Hive Members: are non-profit organizations who directly serve Chicago middle- and high-school youth through in-school and out-of-school programs, and whose participation reflects the highest levels of engagement in the Hive. They are eligible to lead on Hive Fund RFPs.

Hive Fund RFPs guidelines:

  • In order to lead on an RFP proposal the organization must be a non-profit organization who directly serves middle- and high-school youth
  • New members can not lead a proposal in their first funding cycl

Non-Member Allies

If your organization does not meet the criteria to be a Hive Member but your organization is aligned with Hive Chicago’s goals and mission, please consider becoming a non-member Hive Community Ally.


Ally Networks: are stewards of independent networks of organizations, institutions, or companies and wish to form strategic partnerships with Hive by vouching for select Ally Organization Members from their networks.

Hive Members are also encouraged to be officially recognized as Chicago City of Learning partners.  Community Allies are encouraged to directly support the CCOL initiative.

If your organization or program operates under a larger parent institution, especially if that institution acts as a fiscal agent or your legal representative, then they must also be identified as a Hive Ally in order to complete your membership.


Important Dates

Hive Member Applications:

New Member Application Cycle Opens: October 7, 2016
New Member Application Cycle Closes: November 15, 2016

Renewal Application Cycle for existing Members Opens: November 15, 2016
Renewal Application Cycle for existing Members Close: December 15, 2016

Hive Community Ally Applications

New Hive Community Ally Application Cycle Opens: October 7, 2016
New Hive Community Ally Application Cycle Closes: November 15, 2016

Renewal Application Cycle for existing Allies Opens: November 15, 2016
Renewal Application Cycle for existing Allies Close: December 15, 2016