Since January 1, 2018, stewardship of Hive Chicago has transitioned from Mozilla to a new local non-profit, the Chicago Learning Exchange (CLX). Please visit us at chicagolx/joinus to learn how you and your organization can join our growing community. The Hive is still the Hive.

Membership FAQ





What is the goal of membership? – Contents

Hive Chicago is an open community that welcomes contributions from everyone. However, the network requires a basic level of activity to be relevant and network staff need to focus limited resources where they will have the greatest network effect. Membership is one of the ways in which we formalize this expectation and recognize member contributions. Moreover, our members become pronounced advocates and representatives of our work and the membership process allows us to write our narrative and visualize our network.


Why become a member? – Contents

Membership is a level of engagement. It comes with expectations and benefits that befit the highest level of engagement in the Hive. The goal of membership is to focus the resources available and the relationships Hive staff have with the Hive community. Members are devoted to advancing the network towards it’s mission and goals and in return receive resources that help them succeed at their work.


Why do I need to fill all of this out again? – Contents

The membership process is a way for us to re-assess our network culture and our members commitment to connected learning, digital media and our mission and goals. We hope and expect to see growth and change in responses from year to year. Some information is not expected to change much and we will do our best to provide previous year’s application responses in later stages of the process.


Should we apply for Hive Member or Hive Community Ally status? – Contents

Does your organization a non-profit that serves middle-high school aged youth directly and wants to lead on proposals to the Hive Fund RFP? Then apply as a Hive Member. If no to one of the above, then Hive Community Ally. However, Allies still count as one of the minimum of two required Hive members on every proposal to the Hive Fund RFP.


What’s the relationship between organization and community members? – Contents

Organizational membership is a level of engagement for an entire organization, which can be comprised of many individuals who each contribute to the Hive as well, and it’s benefits are conferred upon all staff at the organization.

On the other hand, there are individuals working solo or in organizations that may or may not be Hive Members that make significant contributions to the Hive.


What is the relationship between Allies and Members? – Contents

Allies are not organizational or community members. They are organizations that support the Hive mission and goals but are either do not meet the criteria for membership-level engagement or choose not to apply. These might be large local institutions, national initiatives, corporate supporters, or funding partners.

If an applicant for Hive membership is part of a “parent institution” that supports elements of it’s fiscal or operational structure and function, then that parent institution needs to be recruited to be a Hive Community Ally by the applicant organization. i.e. all Hive member orgs must be fiscally independent or incorporated within a Hive Community Ally organization.

Individuals are not eligible for ally status unless they are represented by an organization.


Do community members and allies need to renew? – Contents

Yes. All members and allies are required to renew yearly.  Information on how and when to renew will be sent to organizations at the start of each new membership cycle.


Why is this so complicated? – Contents

Because our network is this complicated. We have grown into a larger, more impactful, and more complex community that relies on the contributions of a diverse arrangement of individuals, organizations, other networks and community initiatives.