Since January 1, 2018, stewardship of Hive Chicago has transitioned from Mozilla to a new local non-profit, the Chicago Learning Exchange (CLX). Please visit us at chicagolx/joinus to learn how you and your organization can join our growing community. The Hive is still the Hive.

Become A Hive Community Ally


In coordination with Hive leadership, allies are able to support and extend the work of the Hive in one or all of the following, multiple ways: through strategic project collaborations, as the parent institution for a member organization, in outreach to new audiences, through advocacy for Hive Chicago Goals, and by fundraising or collaboration on grant-proposals through the Hive Chicago Fund for Connected Learning or in partnership with our steward, Mozilla FoundationPlease note that for-profit organizations cannot directly receive funds through the Fund

A Hive Community Ally can be any nonprofit or for profit organization that is excited by our mission and shares our goals. Ally organizations support the work of our peer-professional network in advancing our goals through our funded projects and Moonshot working groups. Hive Allies may also provide services to – or derive benefits from – the active online and offline activities of the network and the expertise of it’s community members.

Allies are essential to the Hive Chicago Network by helping to spread and scale solutions.

Hive Chicago is an open community that welcomes participation and collaboration with any organizations or individuals whose work is aligned with ours. We recognize that it takes collective action from a diverse community to address our shared, persistent challenges. We work transparently, in the open, with feedback and input from our community in order to harness the wisdom that comes from a diverse set of perspectives and opinions.

As Allies, we stand united in transforming the learning landscape of Chicago and empowering youth and educators to enact a connected learning ecosystem.

Becoming a Hive Community Ally is not required to collaborate within the Hive. We are an open community that welcomes participation and collaboration with any organizations or individuals whose work is aligned with ours.

If you are the parent institution of a Hive Member organization, then becoming an Ally helps both your institution and Hive Chicago steward effective relationships between our network members, to mutual benefit.

Call for Membership is Now Closed!

View the full text of the Membership Guidelines here


Allies are named by Hive Chicago leadership once a year based on mission alignment and the potential for a mutually beneficial relationship. However, organizations that are applying to be an Ally because they are parent institutions for Hive Member organizations must complete their Ally applications by the same deadlines specified for Hive Membership.

If your organization is invited to complete the membership process, the following documents will be requested.  Membership will not be effective until all documents are received.

  1. Have an Executive review and sign the Hive Membership MOU and submit to;
  2. All Non-Profit Members: Obtain a copy of your 501(c)(3) or tax documentation;
  3. Select subsidiary organizations ONLY: Confirm that your parent Institution (indicated above as fiscal sponsor or host organization, etc.) has also completed a Hive Ally application.

Ally Networks: are stewards of independent networks of organizations, institutions, or companies and wish to form strategic partnerships with Hive by vouching for select Ally Organization Members from their networks.

Hive Members are also encouraged to be officially recognized as Chicago City of Learning partners.  Community Allies are encouraged to directly support the CCOL initiative.

If your organization or program operates under a larger parent institution, especially if that institution acts as a fiscal agent or your legal representative, then they must also be identified as a Hive Community Ally in order to complete your membership.

Important Dates

Hive Member Applications:

Member Application Cycle Opens: June 1, 2017
Member Application Cycle Closes: June 30, 2017

Hive Community Ally Applications

Hive Community Ally Application Cycle Opens: June 1, 2017
Hive Community Ally Application Cycle Closes: June 30, 2017



Why Not Just Apply for Membership?

While we do not discourage applicants for Hive Membership, increased Network engagement through membership requires a greater commitment of time and talent that is not appropriate for all organizations.

Successful applicants for organizational membership to the Hive Network are local, direct or indirect service providers that target predominantly teen-aged Chicago residents and Chicago Public School, high school students and educators. These organizations must also commit staff time and resources to engaging in our openly networked environment, through attendance to face-to-face events, participation in our online social media spaces, submission of project proposals to the Hive Fund RFP, and engagement with our Moonshot working groups.

Allies increase the diversity of our network, enhance our ability to spread solutions to complex problems, and extend our impact to systemic scales.