Since January 1, 2018, stewardship of Hive Chicago has transitioned from Mozilla to a new local non-profit, the Chicago Learning Exchange (CLX). Please visit us at chicagolx/joinus to learn how you and your organization can join our growing community. The Hive is still the Hive.

Working in the Open

The Hive Chicago Learning Network is constantly generating knowledge and information while building innovative and transformative educational experiences for youth. Working in the Open promotes a culture where innovative projects can exist in a visible space accessible to other Network members and outside audiences. Working in the Open allows Hive Chicago to become “‘a network that learns’, a community that is continually generating, circulating and accumulating knowledge relevant to accomplishing our goals around serving youth in a connected world” (Hive Research Lab 2014).

At Hive Chicago, this is done by process documentation and real-time communications of the work. Openly sharing lessons, successes, and mistakes allows us to accumulate, generate, and share knowledge as a Learning Network. The Hive Portfolio serves as the “digital home” for all projects funded by the Hive Fund for Connected Learning. Please visit the Portfolio to see recent activity and learn about the projects.

Hive monthly meetups are a place where you can really put Working in the Open into practice. Using the Moonshots as an organizing framework, meetups create a space for discussion groups, projects groups, and workshops. Discussion groups create a space to demonstrate how the project serves as a solution to challenge in that Moonshot. Project groups create a space to invite others directly into drafting, designing, communicating, reviewing, providing feedback, or otherwise contributing to your work. Workshops are a place to share your learning directly via a skill share. In each case, network members have an opportunity to learn with you.

About the Working in the Open Culture

Resources for Funded Cohorts

  • Working in the Open Guide – View the guide on how to incorporate Working in the Open into your project.
  • Cohort One-Pager – This is a short version of the Guide where you can review benchmarks, dates and examples of past process documentation.

Benchmarks for Funded Cohorts

Key benchmarks toward meeting Working in the Open requirements.

All Funded Projects will…

  • Create and update a Project Page on the Hive Portfolio. Portfolios should be finalized with digital resources upon project completion;
  • Attend the Cohort Kick Off Meeting;
  • Participate in the Hive Meetup Funded Project Showcase;
  • Contribute to the Hive Chicago Blog at least once;
  • Share project at least once via Community Calls, Meetups or a Hive Dive;
  • Create a method for process documentation and sharing specific to your project;


Grant Announcements Project Start
Funded Project Cohort Kickoff First Month
Funded Projects Showcase First Month
Project Pages Fully Populated First Month
Project Blog Post on Hive Chicago Blog Once Every 6 Months
Project Updates at Convenings – Meetups or Community Calls Once Every 6 Months
Process Documentation – linked to Page on Hive Portfolio Ongoing
Hive Staff Site Visits – as scheduled Ongoing
Completed Project Page Upon Completion
Grant Reporting through Grant Central Upon Completion