Since January 1, 2018, stewardship of Hive Chicago has transitioned from Mozilla to a new local non-profit, the Chicago Learning Exchange (CLX). Please visit us at chicagolx/joinus to learn how you and your organization can join our growing community. The Hive is still the Hive.

Feb 12 2015

February 2015 Meetup

Hive HQ

Harold Washington Library Center

Multipurpose Room, Lower Level, SE of Atrium

Thursday, February 19, 9:00am to 12:00pm

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February Meetup Agenda & Webcast

    • 9:00 AM – New Member Meet and Greet
    • 9:45 AM – Hive Leadership Announcements
      • Welcome from Sam Dyson
      • RFP Round 2 & ISEIF Smart Grid Challenge
    • 10:00 AM – Guest Speakers/Presenters
      • ISEIF Partnership – Clare Butterfield & Uzma Noormohamed, ISEIF
      • CSTEMBE Equity Working Group – Jen Bundy, Adler Planetarium
      • STEAM Conference – Marcelo Caplan, Scientists for Tomorrow
      • Crafty Coding Happy Hour – Tamara Kaldor, Common Sense & Jeff Sweeton, CodeCreate
      • Time to Tech – Kyla Williams, Smart Chicago Collaborative
    • 10:30 AM – Moonshot Groups Meet
      • Hive Chicago Buzz Sessions – Recap & Updates
      • Unfacilitated Open Worktime
    • 12:00 PM – Business Time
      • Stick around until 1:00 PM to keep working on Moonshots or any other business you’ve got to get done!

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In This Meetup

The February Meetup will be all about getting to know the newest members of the Hive and continuing to hack our activated solutions from Hive Chicago Buzz. We’ll kick off the morning with a fun, informal networking activity that will give you a chance to meet each of our new members in a casual way and build immediate connections with them.

We’re also excited to provide updates on the upcoming 2015 Round 2 Hive Fund RFP, which will be released on March 2nd and will feature an exciting new project grant opportunity in partnership with the Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Foundation (ISEIF), “The Hive Chicago Smart Grid Challenge”. The challenge will feature three Spark-level grant opportunities for collaborative projects that build a bridge between youth and their families/communities around an important local tech adoption issue. Members of the ISEIF team will be at the meetup to introduce themselves.

We will also be hearing from Kyla Williams, of Smart Chicago Collaborative, about the Time to Tech training workshops project that will be kicking off at the end of this month. This free training program will build a foundational tech competency for the modern non-profit work environment and important to the development of cutting edge and innovative youth programs. The first session, “Wordpress Exposed” is on Tuesday March 31 from 9:30am to 11:30am at the Harold Washington Library. All Hive member staff are invited to participate, whether or not they are “regulars” to Hive meetings and meetups, or even youth program providers.

We’ll end our meeting by doing a recap of Hive Chicago Buzz by giving session leaders from the event an opportunity to round-robin share-out the final outputs of the day and next steps. Then attendees will break up into Moonshot groups to continue the work. Check out the recap information at the end of this post to learn more.

January Meetup Recap

The January Meetup was replaced by Hive Chicago Buzz, our annual event to activate solutions from our Moonshot groups to transform the learning landscape of Chicago! We were honored to be joined by over 200 youth, educators, administrators, directors and executives from our member organizations, local supporters and sponsors. You can learn more about what we did and what we made in this excellent recap blog post from Hive Chicago Director, Sam Dyson.

Next Meetup: March 19

The Value of Our Network

Harold Washington Library
March 19, 2014 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Multipurpose Room, Lower Level, SE of Atrium

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#hivebuzz: Upcoming Events

  • 2015 Round 2 Hive Fund RFP Release | Learn More

    Monday, March 02, 9:00 AM
    Minigroup, Grant Central and Hive Website
    The overall structure and questions will be similar to Round 1 but with a very exciting, new opportunity in partnership with the Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Foundation (ISEIF) entitled “The Hive Chicago Smart Grid Challenge.”

  • ISEIF Hive Smart Grid Challenge Mixer | RSVP

    Tuesday, March 03, 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM
    Coalition, 18 S. Michigan Ave, Floor 12
    Join fellow Hive members interested in the intersection between STEM, community engagement, and civic action as we explore The Hive Chicago Smart Grid Challenge, a new partnership with ISEIF that is tied to a pool of Spark-level funding for up to three projects in Round 2. Come for a drink and some light refreshments at this mixer to explore project proposal ideas and learn more about what makes this such a special opportunity.

  • Crafty Coding Happy Hour | RSVP

    Wednesday, March 11th, 5:30-7:30pm
    CivicLab, 114 N. Aberdeen St
    Jeff Sweeten of CodeCreate will be helping us make fun + accessible (to all budgets and abilities) coding projects. No tech experience or Martha Stewart aspirations necessary! Tactile experiences create meaningful learning opportunities and crafty coding projects are easier than you think to do in a classroom.
    Common Sense Education is helping teachers tech up your classrooms in 2015, so keep checking with me for Tech Innovation Happy Hours across Chicago tech spaces in 2015 for events like this!

  • 2015 Round 2 RFP Partnership & Strategy Workshop | RSVP

    Thursday, March 12, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    Chicago Community Trust, Boardroom
    Join Hive Fund and Network staff in a town-hall style Q&A about the Hive Fund for Connected Learning RFP. Together, we’ll unpack the elements of a successful project proposal as well as the critical elements of a successful partnership, for both lead organizations and collaborators. What are your organization’s strengths in a partnership? Network with Hive members and develop your project proposal ideas.

  • Time to Tech Workshop #1: WordPress Uncovered

    Tuesday, March 31, 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
    Harold Washington Library, YOUmedia
    WordPress is a free and open-source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system. WordPress is the platform used by Hive Chicago to build it’s website; it is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, supporting more than 60 million websites. Learn the basics to start your own website or contribute to Hive Chicago’s!

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